We invited the innovative talents who have undertaken major scientific research projects overseas, and entrepreneurial talents (teams) with independent intellectual property rights and intellectual achievements.

Our contest focus on the following fields: new-generation information technology, biomedicine, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, etc., and welcome new materials, new energy, biotechnology and medicine, smart grids, service outsourcing, equipment manufacturing, optoelectronics, integrated circuits and software, modern Entrepreneurs and innovative entrepreneurs in communications, energy conservation and environmental protection are actively participating.

Contest bonus

(A) The outstanding projects participating in this contest will be recommended to enter Suzhou (International) Maker Incubation Center for offshore incubation.

(2) Bonus policies for UK Division:

  • One first prize in the sub-region, reward 30,000 yuan / person (before tax);

  • Two second prizes, reward 15,000 yuan / person (before tax);

  • Three third prizes, reward 10,000 yuan / person (before tax);

  • Four Forth prizes, reward 3,000 yuan/person (before tax).

The winners of the first three prizes can be the candidates for the finals of the " Win the Future” Venture Contest held in Suzhou in July 2020.

The First prize winner will enjoy the following policies on the premise that they meet the requirements of the Suzhou Gusu Leadership Talent Plan and Angel Plan: They can appropriately break through restrictions on age, education, etc., apply for Gusu Leadership talents, or directly establish the Angel Plan (see 50,000 to 100,000 entrepreneurship grants and 200,000 to 500,000 project grants), this green channel qualification is retained for 1-2 years, and the talent settled projects are consistent with the participating award-winning projects.

(3) Bonus policies for the final " Win the Future” Venture Contest:

1. The final " Win the Future” Venture Contest will include 1 first prize and 100,000 yuan / person; 2 second prizes and 50,000 yuan / person; 3 third prizes and 20,000 yuan / person; 4 fourth prizes and 10,000 yuan / person.

2. The first prize winner in the finals, after being selected the next month, after establishing or leading a company in Suzhou within one year (the guest is the main founder of the applying company, and the main energy is in Suzhou enterprises, and the equity is generally not less than 20%, and the cash contribution (paid-in capital, excluding technology shares) of not less than 1 million yuan) can be directly identified as a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, and enjoy relevant support policies; those who have won the second prize Distinguished guests, from the second month after being selected, after starting or leading a business in Suzhou within one year, if they meet the requirements of the Gusu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leadership Program, they can directly enter the interview and defense of Gusu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leaders. The entrepreneurial leaders who have been approved for the project will be funded in three levels according to the comprehensive evaluation of talents and team strength, innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and the scale of industrialization and industrialization. After signing the relevant agreement, they will be given 2.5 million yuan, 2 million yuan, and 1 million yuan respectively Subsidies for home relocation and project funding of 4 million yuan, 2 million yuan, and 1 million yuan. Within 3 years after the establishment of the project, the annual sales income exceeds 30 million yuan, and if it passes the project acceptance, then the best support will be given to rolling support of up to 1 million yuan.

3. All the winners will be given priority recommendation to the competition partner (relevant) venture capital institutions, and recommended to partner banks to give priority to loan credit support.

4. During the finals contest, participating guests will enjoy the differential transportation subsidy and free board and lodging during the period of Suzhou according to the treatment of Suzhou International Elite Business Week guests.

Contest registration

① Please download the registration form and business plan;

② Please complete the downloaded documents;

③ Click the "Register" button below to enter the online registration page. Fill in the information and upload the completed documents to submit the registration.



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